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​How Do I Place An Order?

You can order directly from us (Cabot Books Publishing) via the Shop drop down menu at the top of the page or alternatively, if you wish to purchase from from one of our accredited stockists, go directly to the Booksellers page.

1. Go to our SHOP  page select the submenu option (i.e. Banjo Family) and go to the relevant page.

2. Click on the cover image of the book you wish to purchase and you'll be taken to the appropriate ordering page.

3. Click the BUY button and from there you can complete your order using either your credit/debit card or PayPal.

Methods of Payment
We accept all major credit/debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  We also accept payment via PayPal.

Your prices are in US Dollars.  Can I still pay by card if I don't live in the US?

Most international banks and credit/debit card suppliers will automatically convert your payment from your national currency into US Dollars.  If in doubt, contact your bank and card supplier.

Payment and Shipping

If you purchase directly from CBP, please be sure to include your full name, address (including zip/postal code and country of residence), as well as a currently working telephone number.  In most cases, the telephone number won't be needed by our shipping couriers if you're at home to receive your package, but is still required, should they need to contact you to secure delivery.

Can I make a payment in my own currency?

Currently we only process orders in US Dollars, but you can check the prices against your own currency using one of the many online currency converters.  One word of warning regarding currency converters.  Most tend to use the current national rate, which will often differ from the method employed by your bank or credit card supplier.  It will give you a useful rough guide, though.

Telephone Number
 If you're ordering from outside of the United States, please include a currently working telephone number.  This is a requirement of our international shipping partners (generally UPS, DHL or i-Parcel).  In most situations this won't be needed, but should you be out, the couriers will be able to contact you and make alternative arrangements for delivery.

Secure Ordering & Privacy Policy

 All transactions will be securely held by us and your details will NEVER be shared, sold or distributed to third party operatives.

Returns & Refunds

We accept returns on the clear understanding that shipping will be the purchaser'''s responsibility and the book/s must be returned in as new condition in the same or very similar packing material in which they arrived.  Any returns sent back in Jiffy-style floppy postal bags or flexible envelopes will NOT be accepted and a refund cannot be secured.


What if my order is damaged?

Our books are always despatched in stiff cardboard packaging, but in the event of damage being sustained, please inform us within 14 days with a photograph of the damage and we will issue a replacement.  The same situation applies to production flaws in any books such as inaccurate cropping or misaligned content.

What if I bought the wrong book?

The same conditions apply to those laid out in RETURNS & REFUNDS.  But to save yourself additional expense and delays, always check your order is correct before completing your purchase.  Some titles are similar, but feature different tunings, so it always pays to check.

Holiday and special occasion shipping advice

During the Christmas holiday period in particular, we advise that you order early to ensure your items arrive on time.  We will do our best to fulfill orders before December 25th, but the nearer to Christmas Day, the less likely a delivery is certain to arrive.  The same applies to personal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries etc.

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