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Welcome to Cabot Books Publishing . For over 10 years, Cabot Books has been publishing musical instruction books for many different fretted musical instruments. We've been trailblazing and popularising instruments as diverse as the tenor guitar, charango and mandocello among many others.

It's no longer a daunting prospect to come out of a music store with an instrument under your arm, wondering what to do next. What should be a simple processes such as tuning and learning a set of basic chords, became a laborious search for 'how to' information. We like to think we've changed all that, making a cittern or a Puerto Rican cuatro as accessible an instrument as the guitar or the piano.

Whether you like to play your own compositions or jam along to an artist or compilation songbook, our Chord Bible titles will take all the effort of searching for that elusive Dmaj7, C7sus4 or Ebm9.

We also cater for the younger musician in the form of our popular 'Chords for Kids...& Big Kids Too!' series which covers instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, charango, mandolin and tenor banjo.

Another popular series from our stable of music publications is the 'Workbook' series, which provides the musician with musical notebooks for guitar (or 6-string/6-course), keyboards, 4-string and 5-string instruments as well as manuscript paper.

The traveling or gigging musician is also catered for in the form of our latest series of chord-based publications: The Chords In A Case series.  The long and narrow format is an ideal shape for slipping into your instrument case or gig bag.

We're adding to our catalog on a regular basis, so please feel free to drop in and see what's happening at the home of all things musical, Cabot Books!


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