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FF15 Tenor Guitar Chord Bible: DGBE Chicago Tuning 2,160 Chords

FF16 Tenor Guitar Chord Bible: Standard & Irish Tuning 2,880 Chords

FF35 Guitar Chord Bible: EADGBE Standard Tuning
3,024 Chords

FF40 Guitalele Chord Bible:  ADGCEA Standard Tuning 1,728 Chords

FF30 Requinto Chord Bible: ADGCEA Standard Tuning 1,728 Chords

FF31 Baritone Guitar Chord Bible: Low B Tuning

1,728 Chords

FF37 Colombian Tiple Chord Bible: CEAD & DGBE Trad. & Modern Tunings 1,728 Chords

FF17 Puerto Rican Cuatro Chord Bible: BEADG Standard Tuning
1,728 Chords

FF14 Tres Cubano Chord Bible: C and D Major Cuban and Puerto Rican Tunings 1,536 Chords

FF34 Bajo Sexto & Quinto Chord Bible: EADGCF Standard Tuning

1,728 Chords

FF27 Renaissance Lute Chord Bible: GCFADG 'G' Tuning
1,728 Chords

FF41 Guitar Capo Chord Bible: EADGBE Standard Tuning

21,888 Chords

FF36 Left-Handed Guitar Chord Bible: EADGBE Standard Tuning
3,024 Chords

FF33 Baritone Guitar Chord Bible: Low A Tuning

1,728 Chords

FFB35 Guitar Chord For Kids...& Big Kids Too!

FF42 Domra Chord Bible:

Ukranian Prima & Alto 4-String Tuning
2,880 Chords

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