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The Mandolin Chord Bible, with its 2,736 chords offers a complete solution for both beginner and experienced professional musician alike. The layout is uncomplicated and follows a logical musical progression from standard major chords up to the more esoteric thirteenths used by many jazz players. To accompany the 2,736 chords, a further 576 possible moveable chord configurations are included, together with a useful range of slash chords, reflecting the popularity of this type of chord in many of today's artist and compilation topline songbooks.

This highly comprehensive guide provides the musician with no fewer than 68 different types of chord in all twelve keys, making it the definitive publication for the Mandolin. Whether you play folk, rock, pop, jazz or any other type of popular music, The Mandolin Chord Bible makes the ideal reference source for all occasions.

Standard Chords covered in The Mandolin Chord Bible (using the key of C as an example): C, Cm, C7, Cm7, C5, C6, Cm6, Cmaj7, Cdim, Cdim7, C-5, C+, Csus2, Csus4, C7sus4, Cm7-5, Cadd9, Cmadd9, C6add9, Cm6add9, C7-5, C7+5, C7-9, C7+9, Cm(maj7), Cmaj7-5, Cmaj7+5, C9, Cm9, Cmaj9, C11, C13.

Advanced Chords covered in The Mandolin Chord Bible (using the key of C as an example): C4, Cadd11, Csus4add9, Cm-6, C7sus2, C7-5-9, C7-5+9, C7+5-9, C7+5+9, C7add11, C7add13, C7+11, Cm7-5-9, Cm7-9, Cm7add11, Cmaj7+11, C9sus4, C9-5, C9+5, C9+11, Cm9-5, Cm(maj9), Cmaj9-5, Cmaj9+5, Cmaj9+11, Cmaj9add6, C11-9, Cm11, Cmaj11, C13sus4, C13-5-9, C13-9, C13+9, C13+11, Cm13, Cmaj13.

Major Slash Chords covered in The Mandolin Chord Bible (using the key of C as an example): C/C, C/Db, C/D, C/Eb, C/E, C/F, C/F#, C/G, C/Ab, C/A, C/Bb, C/B.

Beside the many pages of chord boxes or windows, the book features useful sections on tuning, chord construction, fingerboard layout, FAQs, alternative chord naming, fingering, slash chords, harmonic intervals, chord window blanks for transcribing your own favorite chord sequences etc.

Review of features:

  • 2,736 Chords featuring all 12 keys
  • 144 Major slash chords in all keys
  • 576 possible moveable chord positions
  • Standard GDAE tuning
  • Chord theory, FAQs and tuning guides
  • Fingerboard diagrams
  • Mandolin family factfile
  • Alternative chord naming chart
  • Blank chord windows for your own jottings and arrangements

The aim of this guide is to provide the musician with the flexibility only really offered to guitar and keyboard players in the past. Now, with the help of The Mandolin Chord Bible, musicians will be able to pick up any songbook and instantly have access to even the most complex and advanced chords.

FF12US The Mandolin Chord Bible

SKU: 978-1-906207-33-5
  • 'Steve Earle's got nothing on me now, b**** good book.'

    (Susan L. UK)


    'Tobe Richards's "chord bible" series are the only chord books I've found that indicate the scale intervals for each chord. This is EXTREMELY helpful!'

    (Amazon Customer USA)


    'If you play mandolin then this is the best book for all the chords - excellent!'

    (Martin S. UK)


    '5* Excellent Book. Thank you.'

    (Deanne S. Australia)


    'If you're looing for an absurdly comprehensive chord dictionary for the mandolin, this is quitedefinitely the book for you. I had a good look round at the varying titles that are currentlyavailable and found most covered the basics, but never had the range of chords I was reallylooking for. If you play guitar, you're pretty well served with a whole wealth of super comprehensivechord books, but for mandolin, it's a different story. In this book, Richards very much redresses thebalance in this respect, with everything from the usual, but very necessary majors, minors, dims,sevenths etc., right up to wonderfully weird extended elevenths, thirteenths etc. It also providesa great source for experimenters wanting to get a different sound from their instrument. Additionally,the author provides very useful slash chords in all keys, plus easy referenced moveable chord shapesto augment the main body of the book. For the greedy, there are also sections on mando history,chord construction, fretboard and tuning diagrams. A must have title for we mandomaniacs!'

    (Paul O. UK)


    'The Hal Leonard Mandolin chord book is nice, but this is the dog's you know what! If you can't finda chord you want in this, then you won't find it anywhere!'

    (Ronnie S. UK)


    'Great Chord book for the mandolin.  Thank you Cabot Books.'

    (Pentti L. Finland)


    'Exactly what we wanted. V. quick delivery. thanks.'

    (Joanna G. UK)


    '120%! Nice Mandolin Bible! Useful! Nice Deal!'

    (Martin P. Germany)



    (Cueff G. France)


    'Great Book! Very complete.'

    (Virginia W. USA)


    'Great book, very quick shipping!!!'

    (Renate J. Netherlands)


    'Brilliant, top class, quick delivery, A++++++++.'

    (Lesley P. UK)


    'Excellent books, fast delivery, faultless transaction, thank you.'

    (Jonathan K. UK)


    'Many thanks for speedy delivery, already started to read, added to favourites.'

    (Christopher W. UK)


    'My third Chord Bible from Cabot Books.  A whole bunch of chords for any occasion.'

    (Ziggy, USA)


    'Great item. Fantastic value. Recommended.'

    (Wanda H. UK)


    'Very fast delivery great value for money a real gem thanks A++++++++++++.'

    (Trevor B. UK)


    'Great! God bless everyone!'

    (John M. USA)

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